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Xaas and cloud revisited

Around the time I first wrote about the trend and movement to label things ‘as-a-service’, my thoughts were primarily around illustrating the risk expectation could become disconnected from delivery.


If you’ve had a vendor pitch on anything ‘as a service’ you will know it sounds like a compelling case, mature, stable, plenty of reference customers, does this mean we should now be considering the how as well as the if, of Xaas?

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Do you need Xaas?

Is Xaas is a dangerous delusion?  I had intended to label this little piece of commentary, ‘Why the details matter far more than you realise’, but I digress.

In the increasingly technical world in which we live and work, I see a growing tendency for broad brush stroke explanations being used to obfuscate detail involved in the running and maintenance of services we are beginning to consider to be ubiquitously available.

It started with email, website hosting, and more recently I’ve begun to notice the creep into both storage and database deployment [Saas, PaaS, IaaS, etc.].

One possible argument in support of this entails statements such as, ‘this is an indicator of maturing technology’ or ‘ it’s commoditisation of expertise’, wherein the proponent often asserts that implementation, and management are ‘easy’. What you can’t really get away from is the need to have someone sufficiently skilled at understanding how to integrate your operations into the Xaas product in question.

Assisting in driving this trend are the technology companies who seem to have re-invented all manner of things ‘as-a-service’, the Xaas sales people are running exactly these lines today.

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