Xaas and cloud revisited

Around the time I first wrote about the trend and movement to label things ‘as-a-service’, my thoughts were primarily around illustrating the risk expectation could become disconnected from delivery.


If you’ve had a vendor pitch on anything ‘as a service’ you will know it sounds like a compelling case, mature, stable, plenty of reference customers, does this mean we should now be considering the how as well as the if, of Xaas?

Whilst the original risks I considered are unlikely to become completely mitigated, maturing Xaas teams and companies are covering bases which SME should think twice about before attempting to build from scratch.

X-as-a-service will be around for some time, and is tied to commoditisation of IT services, and a changing usage model of technology (focus on tablets, mobile computing, remote data, deployment flexibility and perceived cost).

My note of caution is, take input from internal stakeholders and talk to referral customers, what they say could help you avoid pitfalls, and don’t forget some people who understand how you’re hooked up and what to do when if goes wrong could be useful.



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